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JUNE / JULY 2010 issue


Let Your Light Shine - 10 ways to let the real you shine - NICOLE KIMPTON. One of the keys to living a life of joy and fulfi lment is to ‘be ourselves’. Being ourselves means learning to express and be happy with who we really are, rather than who society
expects us to be. Embracing our true selves brings us pleasure and can transform our personal and professional lives in wonderful ways as we open up to our individuality and unique gifts. Yet it can feel daunting if we don’t know where to start.

The Bishop’s Throne – How religion became law - JANICE PRIEST. The concept of governance was born as clergy leaders moved into the political arena. The earliest apostolic period was sanctifi ed as a household church –‘the coming together at home’ (1 Cor 16:19; Col 4:15). The Church evolved from humble beginnings as a household temple, and was based, like many other religions of the time, around the extended family. This helped sustain and manage the preservation of family, property, spiritual beliefs and trade. Within this temple, people addressed themselves as ‘brothers and sisters’; the term father was reserved for God. The man of the house was called master.

Other Features:

  • Matariki – Aotearoa New Year
  • Discovering the I Ching - NEIL SOMERVILLE
  • The Bishop’s Throne – How religion became law - JANICE PRIEST
  • You Can See Auras - ANTHONY LIFE
  • Let Your Light Shine - 10 ways to let the real you shine - NICOLE KIMPTON
  • Sacred Oak Tree - J STINEAR
  • Alchemy Healing - ELEANOR BAUARSCHI
  • Mind Over Matter - – What’s behind recurring bouts of ill-health? - SUZANNE EVANS
  • Food, Love & Gratitude - ARIJANA RUZNIC-BEYER
  • Dream Visitations - AURORA BRIERLY
  • Star Lore In a Time of Prophecy - KIRI STA*
  • Baleno Foundation - Spiritual well-being
  • Wild Ones - JULES BRIGHT
  • Alien Spaceship Exploded Over Siberia - ROBIN COLLYNS

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